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Best Platform For Online Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide



The question, What’s the best platform for online coaching? is one that many up-and-coming online coaches are asking themselves these days. There are several different platforms to choose from (including some pretty obscure ones), and each platform comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages that make it appropriate for certain uses, but not others. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the best platform for online coaching, including the top five platforms to consider and how they stack up against each other based on important factors like cost and security.



A coach’s personal brand


Is coaching right for you? It is a good idea to first consider what kind of coach you want to be. For example, if you want to work with people one-on-one, then an online coaching platform may not be the best option. However, if you are interested in building a coaching business that can bring on new clients and serve as your primary source of income, then this is the perfect way to go.


Best Platform For Online Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide
Best Platform For Online Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide


5 best online coaching platforms of 2022


Speaking of client groups, some folks decide to provide coaching in a group setting! With group coaching, you may serve numerous clients at once, which is just another method to increase your impact. Additionally, it enables you to work at several price points, which is useful if you have clients who might not be able to pay 1:1 coaching. Group coaching frequently enables these individuals to receive the assistance they require at a lower cost while enabling you to earn more per hour of work than you might otherwise.


You should be able to manage your groups using a decent online group coaching platform, keeping your work with each one you manage distinct while yet being able to provide a tonne of value to each.


Best Platform For Online Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide
Best Platform For Online Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide


  1. Kajabi

The best thing about Kajabi for people wanting to host and sell online courses is its plethora of powerful marketing tools, like promotional pages and advertising packages. In some cases, if you’re an online coach and looking for the right platform, you may find these marketing systems help you find potential clients.



  1. Noomi

This is one of the most popular coach marketplaces that lists coaches for just about any demographic. Noomi has thousands of coaches for just about any niche.


For Noomi coach onboarding, you’ll need to complete their onboarding process and submit a video for your profile and get approved. The platform will then place you in the database of coaches, where clients can schedule free consultations with you if they are interested.



  1. Mighty Networks

With Mighty Networks, you pretty much have everything you need to create an awesome client community. Mighty Networks is a white-label community platform, with many capabilities, including: offering coaching access or bundles, managing subgroups, creating engaging courses (both asynchronous and synchronous), and it comes with an app that allows clients to access from anywhere.


Best Platform For Online Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide
Best Platform For Online Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide


  1. Satori

Satori is a powerful tool specifically made for yoga instructors and provides you with an administrative system to make running your coaching business easier. This software lets you do tasks like purchasing subscriptions, booking private and group appointments, and managing invoices.



  1. Thinkific

Thinkific is the last platform we’ll mention in this article. It offers coaches yet another platform on which to create and market their courses. Thinkific provides you with the functionality to add a plugin to run your courses if you’re a coach who already has a WordPress website. With a drag and drop course builder, it allows teachers to modify the course design. It also offers various possibilities for marketing courses, such as selling through affiliates. It allows you to sell in 100 different currencies and works with Stripe and PayPal as payment methods.



The signup process


Signing up to become a coach on an online platform can be quick and easy. Some platforms require you to submit basic information while others will ask you to fill out a more in-depth questionnaire. The signup process typically includes filling out your profile, setting up your payment methods, and connecting with other coaches or clients.



Setting goals


1) Decide on what types of goals you want to set

2) Create a timeline

3) Track your progress against the goal

 4) Reward yourself when you achieve your goal (do something fun or treat yourself to something nice.


Best Platform For Online Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide
Best Platform For Online Coaching: A Comprehensive Guide


Free vs paid plans


Which is the best platform for online coaching? This will largely depend on the type of coaching and your budget. If you’re starting with a relatively small budget, consider using free resources and getting your clients to pay by other means. Another option is to use a paid platform like Udemy or Skillshare, which offer plans that range from $19/month to $49/month. You might also want to try an online course and then create your own blog as another marketing channel. Choose wisely!



Free tools you need before starting an online course


When considering which platform to use, it’s important to not only consider the cost but also your specific needs. Below are some of the most popular platforms used by online instructors and what they offer.



No time to read books? Here are some podcast recommendations.


One of the great things about podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime and anywhere. Here are five of the best podcasts on business and entrepreneurship.

1) The Tim Ferriss Show – This is a podcast that interviews successful people about their businesses, habits, and lifestyles. 2) Smart Passive Income Podcast – This podcast discusses passive income ideas, such as creating a product or selling advertising space on your website. 3) Entrepreneur Stories – This podcast features conversations with successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life.



How can I track my progress?


This is a common question asked by business owners, and the answer largely depends on which platform you choose. If you’re looking to run your coaching sessions through Facebook or Twitter, there are no easy ways to track progress. However, if you’re using an app like Skype or Google Hangouts, it’s fairly easy to set up a system where students can log in and record their progress. One of the best options for tracking progress is through an online course management software like Teachable.

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